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Tom Dolby's Secret Society!

 Remember the times (like yesterday) that you went to your favorite author's blog/LiveJorunal and they STILL have not updated. I mean, come on! Why are you doing? Quit leaving us hanging!
I now understand why. Or at least I think I do and this can be my excuse for not updating this sooner.
A.) Author's are busy.
B.) There is this undening force
that holds you against your will so you just CAN'T go to LIveJournal. That's my reason. (Good, no?)

Anyway, let's get on with the review, shall we?

“Lush, delicious, and decadent like the best New York novels, Secret Society combines Edith Wharton flair with Wes Anderson-style wit in an addictive, adventure-filled read. Get initiated now!”

-Melissa de la Cruz,
New York Times bestselling author of Blue Bloods

This is from his blog.
The flap says:

Secrets, secrets are no fun.
Secrets, secrets hurt someone…

An eccentric new girl. A brooding socialite. The scion of one of New York’s wealthiest families. A promising filmmaker. As students at the exclusive Chadwick School, Phoebe, Lauren, Nick, and Patch already live in a world most teenagers only dream about.

They didn’t ask to be Society members. But when three of them receive a mysterious text message promising success and fame beyond belief, they say yes to everything. Even to the harrowing initiation ceremony in a gritty warehouse downtown, and to the ankh-shaped tattoo they’re forced to get on the nape of their necks.

Once they’re part of the Society, things begin falling into place for them. Week after week, their ambitions are fulfilled. It’s all perfect—until a body is found in Central Park with no distinguishing marks except for an ankh-shaped tattoo.

Tom Dolby makes his teen fiction debut with this riveting novel about a dangerous Society so secret that once you get in, you can never get out.

       I was fortunate enough to get my hands and a ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy) of Secret Society by Tom Dolby and I'm very happy I did!
  I think this will be his first young adult series and he did very good with it!
  Secret Society takes place in Manhattan and is in the point of views of Nick, a rich party planner, Phoebe, the new kid and a young artist, Lauren (my name!) who is an aspiring jewelry designer, and Patch, a young filmmaker. Yes, these character are on the rich side but none of them can be considered shallow and I love there realistic personalities! Plus I love the bromance going on with Nick and Patch.;)
Usually I stay away from books that might be confusing, which usually involves a lot of POVs but this changed my mind! Tom was able to come up with a rich plot with so much to it and so many characters but it flowed wonderfully. There were several times I had to look back to see who's prospective I was in but that's the case in most books with switching prospective.
This is a book where you pick it up planning to read one chapter but an hour later you've read much more than one chapter!
Unfortunately I have to wait longer until the sequel but I'm glad I am one of the first to read Secret Societies.

Song recommendation:
I'm not sure if this really matches with the book totally but it came to mind and I listened to it a lot while reading this.
Caught by the River- Doves

Okay, I must apologies! I wrote this really fast so there was a lot of errors. I'm not challenged in any way I just did not pay attention!
Sorry. It's fixed.

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Carpe Corpus by Rachel Caine!!!

WARNING: This is the 6th book in the Morganville Series. There will be spoilers. But nothing that will keep you from reading this lovely book!=)

Okay! Where to start?
Well let's start with the fact that this is the SIXTH book in the series! Takes talent to keep a series going with such greatness in all six books! And, let me tell you, Rachel Caine did. Every book is perfect with action, teenagers, romance, vampires, and some bad ass vamp slayers in the mix!
The scene: Morganville Texas is run by vamps. With the founder Amelie (vamp) there never was any mass killings. Sure a few unexplained disappearances but nothing as bad as what Bishop does when he come to town!

The Villain: Bishop. This bad vamp is Amelie's father! But instead of a vision of living( living as vampires can get) the town he wants to destroy it and get revenge from his daughter. Bad childhood much?
Problem: Well all the vamps (not Bishop) have disease compared to altimerz ( I can NOT spell that). They grow weaker by the years, not being able to create other vamps, and going seriously crazy. Well, Claire( main character) and one of her crazy boss vamps, Myrnin, are expected to find a cure. They did! Bishop's blood.

This book was AWESOME. Perfect sequel. I couldn't put it down of course, and I even cried a little (not telling you when!). The romance is fabulous! Rachel can defiantly write romance in a new way that keeps you loving the romance novels. She writes in any way that's just different (better?) than other authors I've read. She knows how to describe feelings in all way whether it's love, lust, anger, sadness, or happiness.
Her vamp lore is magnificent and realistic even! Her characters are fully developed and when they cry you cry. Even if it's a bad guy!

Discription ( taken from amazon):
In the small college town of Morganville, vampires and humans lived in (relative) peace—until all the rules got rewritten when the evil vampire Bishop arrived, looking for the lost book of vampire secrets. He’s kept a death grip on the town ever since. Now an underground resistance is brewing, and in order to contain it, Bishop must go to even greater lengths. He vows to obliterate the town and all its inhabitants—the living and the undead. Claire Danvers and her friends are the only ones who stand in his way. But even if they defeat Bishop, will the vampires ever be content to go back to the old rules, after having such a taste of power?

Author's site: (awesome site!) 
My recommmended song(s): They by Jem, Ghost Town by Shiny Toy Guns

Book Order: Glass Houses
                     Dead Girls' Dance
                   Midnight Alley
                    Feast of Fools
                  Lord of Misrule
              Carpe Corpus
               Fade Out (Nov.)
Thanks for reading- L.W.


The Forest of Hand and Teeth by Carrie Ryan!!!


"Intelligent, dark and bewitching, The Forest of Hands and Teeth transitions effortlessly between horror and beauty. Mary's world is one that readers will not soon forget."
   —Cassandra Clare, author of the Mortal Instruments trilogy

Well I picked up The Forest of Hands and Teeth (FHT) and it was mind blowing!!!
Before picking this up I've heard it mentioned on several sites. I even read the discription and was later. But while on a trip to a Barnes and Noble my mom said: "We came here. Get a book."
"Ok! Ok! Mom, chill. I will Forest of Hands and Teeth!"
When reading the discription:

n Mary's world, there are simple truths.

The Sisterhood always knows best.

The Guardians will protect and serve.

The Unconsecrated will never relent.

And you must always mind the fence that surrounds the village. The fence that protects the village from the Forest of Hands and Teeth.

But slowly, Mary's truths are failing her. She's learning things she never wanted to know about the Sisterhood and its secrets, and the Guardians and their power. And, when the fence is breached and her world is thrown into chaos, about the Unconsecrated and their relentlessness.

Now she must choose between her village and her future, between the one she loves and the one who loves her. And she must face the truth about the Forest of Hands and Teeth. Could there be life outside a world surrounded by so much death?

It sounded like a girl trying to get away from some dictating women rulers plus deal with some zombies. Throw in some deadly secrets, some Loverboy and there you go!
That, my friends, is only the beginning. This story is about a girl who sees past the lies. Past the fence surrounded by zombies. She has a destination( the ocean) and she's going to reach it.
This book had me teared up on page 26 and bawling on close to the ending.
There is romance in this book but the romance has a diffrent atmosphere to it. It definatly changes through out the book. How the author actually develops the realtionships are realistic and wonderful to read. She sort of has a triangle going on but this isn't the normal triangle. It has two brothers who are helplessly in love. But she only loves one so you can see how that can be heartbreaking, but things only heat up when she's having to marry the one she doesn't love. But like I said before, that's only the beginning of the book! Please don't get me wrong! This book has WAY more than just romance in it.
Of couse there are the Unconsecrated, zombies, always banging on the fence trying to get in. And maybe they do?

Mary,the main character, isn't always dreading the zombies, and I love that! She isnt's continually thinking: "Oh my God! They're are zombies at the fence! What do we do???"
No, and that makes it more realistic beacuse if you grew up with the zombies surrounding the fence you wouldn't freak out about them constantly either.
This book has experltely woven in love, dreams, desires, surival, and zombies with the kind of heart wrentching tell that will leave you reading until 4 AM even when you have school the next day! Whoh, that was a tiring day!
Anyway. I definantly recommend reading this.
Here's the authors website:
Here's the youtube link to the AWESOME trailor:
And once you've read it chck out Lifeline by Angels and Airwave. It reminds me of Mary and Harry=). For me anyway.

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Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz and other stuff

Out of all of your favorite books, pick just one you'd recommend everyone read. As a bonus: why did you pick that one?

WARNING: I'm not the best speller and I'm sure there are plenty errors. Sorry!
I tried to keep spoilers out but I dont think I'm that good.
Let's star from the beginning(Yes this involves Blue Bloods...somewhat).
Before becoming an avid reader all I had ever read was the last two Harry Potter books, The Sereis of Unfortunate Events and manga. So after reading HP I decided I loved reading. Which I did but I only roamed in the childrens section of Target, Books a Million, and my library so when my grandparents took my younger cousin and me to Target and said look in the book section we'll buy you a book I had to be the grown up and go to the 'big kid book section'. Well the first thing I saw was Twilight and that's what I chose and after I read that my mind was like: Whoh. There's more out there. Not just this Harry Potter and the stuff they let us read in our school library!
So I finished Twilight series and was pretty sure those were the best books in the world and nothing can compare (I've gotten over that. There are much better reads). My mom took me to Books A Million and I went strait for where the Twilight books were and my mouth probably dropped open because there are so many YA novels! I stocked up getting House of Night, Blue is for Nightmares, and...the first two Blue Blood novels: Blue Bloods and Masquerade!
I read House of Night (wonderful series) and Blue is for Nightmare (also wonderful sereis) and started on Blue Bloods. Well I stopped after page...maybe 20? To this day I'm not compleltly sure of my reasoning.
Well maybe three weeks ago I picked up the first book, Blue Bloods, and couldn't stop! These are the BOMB!
Blue Bloods is the opening of the series and what a wonderful opening! What I loved is that you know she's a Blue Bloods and once she finds out she doesn't spend the rest of the novel complaining about it, resesting it, or anything else. SHE MOVES ON! So that was good. When reading the description it talks about how the cutest boy at school, Jack Force, is showing intrest in her. Well I was thinking: 'Oh no! Not this story line again!'
It's not that story line again. Plus I worried about her friend who you can tell loves her. Well that didn't work out as I thought it would either. What I'm trying to say is the romance is perfect!
 Not only is Blue Bloods filled with the wonderful young love we fall for but it's also located right in the center of New York. The glamour is great. Everyone in this book if pretty rich which is much more fun to read than you would think. I love reading about the restraunts, clothes (although the author did include the disigner, the street it was bought at, and what part of New York it was from in the description which I really didnt care for), and parties. It's wonderful for me since the best clothes store in our town is Dilliards.
And lastley is the sweet twist she put on her vampire lore! These vamps are angels! This brings another kind of aspect on vampires. Although in the first books it's not I obvious as to which angels certain people are it is in Maquerade and Revelations.
These books deserve reading!
Here's the link to the official trailor:
Here's the actual description (from author website):

Within New York City’s most elite families, there lurks a secret society of celebrated Americans whose ancestors sailed on the Mayflower. They are the powerful and the wealthy—and in fact, they are not human. They are the Blue Bloods, an ancient group of vampires.

Schuyler Van Alen has never fit in at Duchesne, her prestigious New York City private school. She prefers baggy, vintage clothes instead of the Prada and pearls worn by her classmates, and she lives with her reclusive grandmother in a dilapidated mansion. Schuyler is a loner—and happy that way.

But when she turns fifteen, Schuyler’s life changes dramatically. She has a mosaic of blue veins on her arms, and craves raw meat. The death of a popular girl from Duchesne is surrounded by a mystery that haunts her. And strangest off all, Jack Force, the most popular boy in school, is showing a sudden interest in her.

Schuyler wants to find out the secrets the Blue Bloods are keeping. But is she herself in danger?

Steeped in vampire lore and set against the glittery backdrop of New York City, Blue Bloods will be devoured by fans of Melissa de la Cruz.

Here's Melissa's Website:http: //

Blue Bloods, Masquerade, and Revelations are already out in store with The Van Allen Legacy coming out in October! 

Just for random info this is like my first book review so don't criticize to much!


Music Loving Fool...and Twitter

I just copied and paste this from my myspace but I will no longer be doing that. This is now my official blog place! Warning: I can't spell.
Comment me if you have any questions! Thanks.
P.s. I will blog more often.

Well I have music news! I am very very very very excited to announce that I will be attending a Death Cab for Cutie concert in Austin at the Austin Music Hall! I am still shocked and unbeliveably(can't spell) excited!!!

Never heard of them? You should! Here's a link to one of their more popular songs I Will Follow You Into the Dark:   
Here's there website:
They are the BEST.
Have you heard of them? Are you going? Want me to get you somehting? Contact me! I want to know. Plus if I know you it's possible I could get you something (you're paying).
Plus I found this new band I have turned out to love.
Bright Eyes!
Heres a link to my fav song from him:  There is suggestive language as well as cussing. Justa let you know. He's awesome.
Plus another musican I am totaly in LOVE with! ADAM LAMBERT. from American Idol. He is pure AWESOME. I swoon everytime I see him. Here's a link to him:
One last thing I have fallen in love with... Twitter. At first I was like: Psst! Who needs Twitter?
I do. I have to have Twitter. So if your on there Twitter me! Wondergirl12.
Ta ta


I just got this LiveJournal recently so welcome!
I will try to write often.
Mostley I will talk about recent books I have read. I read. A lot.
Seeya soon
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