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Music Loving Fool...and Twitter

I just copied and paste this from my myspace but I will no longer be doing that. This is now my official blog place! Warning: I can't spell.
Comment me if you have any questions! Thanks.
P.s. I will blog more often.

Well I have music news! I am very very very very excited to announce that I will be attending a Death Cab for Cutie concert in Austin at the Austin Music Hall! I am still shocked and unbeliveably(can't spell) excited!!!

Never heard of them? You should! Here's a link to one of their more popular songs I Will Follow You Into the Dark:   
Here's there website:
They are the BEST.
Have you heard of them? Are you going? Want me to get you somehting? Contact me! I want to know. Plus if I know you it's possible I could get you something (you're paying).
Plus I found this new band I have turned out to love.
Bright Eyes!
Heres a link to my fav song from him:  There is suggestive language as well as cussing. Justa let you know. He's awesome.
Plus another musican I am totaly in LOVE with! ADAM LAMBERT. from American Idol. He is pure AWESOME. I swoon everytime I see him. Here's a link to him:
One last thing I have fallen in love with... Twitter. At first I was like: Psst! Who needs Twitter?
I do. I have to have Twitter. So if your on there Twitter me! Wondergirl12.
Ta ta
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